Tracy Barnett – 03/08/2022

Ordered a 10” pepperoni deep pan as part of the order . Didn’t receive it Looks like we got another margarita pizza ???????? We order on a regular basis so would appreciate the price difference back when we next order please Tracy

Paul bicker – 16/06/2022

I used the discount code and it didn't work!! [email protected]

Stephen Connolly – 28/05/2022

I entered the discount code EATANDREPEAT for 20% off and it said the code had been accepted but it didn't discount the basket and we ended up paying full price how do we get a refund? Email is [email protected] thanks, Steve

Habib Alayous – 11/12/2021

5 stars

Steve – 18/11/2021

discount coupon didn’t apply??

steve Dixon – 11/11/2021

Used discount code but hasn’t came on bill?

Paul – 02/10/2021

Overall good however only recieved 2 portions of chicken wings instead of the 3 ordered

Joshua Stringer – 02/08/2021

Missing the Garlic Dip.

david – 25/07/2021

Absolutely shit wrong order and rang up an hour late to get told my order hadn’t been made then still send wrong food

Diane bain – 27/04/2021

Food nice but you got the order wrong. You sent a garlic dip instead of a chilli dip and there was no tomato on one of them.

Majid Umar – 10/04/2021

Kebabs were unreal

Majid Umar – 10/04/2021

Quality Food

June Stoker – 19/02/2021

Have yous taken 20% off my order

Richard – 24/07/2020

Excellent service,i know u stopped the freebies, but unprecedented times,Stay safe guys ... :)

Jan – 01/02/2020

Got 2 chilli dips again ! When I ordered one of each. Also found the pitta breads to be hard and not nice at all.

mark – 12/10/2018

Think I’ve been over charged for this order can you look at this for me please

guest – 27/09/2018

Great food at great prices

guest – 13/09/2018

Nice as usual thank you

guest – 07/09/2018

Great food and excellent value

Mark – 29/08/2018

Menu will only allow you to pick one item then moves on automatically, like with pizza with two toppings, let’s you pick first and will not allow second choice, and no deep pan upgrade on free pizza ( payable of course)

guest – 20/08/2018

Hasn't came it's been hour and a half not happy at all

laura – 22/06/2018

Waited 1hr 30 mins too long and need to be advised when ordering of wait time

mat – 05/05/2018

The fact that app doesn’t work properly is really annoying. Needs sorting

David – 21/02/2018

Jonny – 15/02/2018

Best in Sunderland

Atif Rehman – 02/11/2017

Great Taste!

Phil – 02/02/2018

Great food

Phil – 24/01/2018

Great food and service

Majid – 13/01/2018